Turkey Basalt Quarry


Turkey is a rich country in terms of basalt quarries. The Anatolian region is known for its high quantity of basalt quarries. Granices as a leader company in Turkey for a natural stone manufacturing company has important basalt quarries to manufacture basalt and its products.  The location of our basalt quarries is mainly in the Aegean part of Turkey and our basalt factory is also located in that area. Both our basalt quarries and the factory is near to international ports and it makes Granices as a leader basalt exporter company.

Granices offer the best quality basalt products due to the quality and quantity of its basalt quarries and the experience they acquired in basalt manufacturing and exporting. Only in 2016, Granices manufactured 60,000 m3 basalt from basalt quarries.We always have been increased our mining and manufacturing basalt products capacity according to the needs of our customers.

Basalt is mined from basalt quarries as a huge block that their weight differs between 7 to 20 tons. After mining from basalt quarries with the latest methods, the basalt blocks are sent to basalt factories to be manufactured for our customers. In factories, our basalt blocks are cut to small pieces in order to be processed. With the highest technology, we processed basalt blocks and prepared them for our customers. According to the needs of our customers, we offer different basalt products in all dimensions and patterns.

Granices with its high quantity basalt products are ready to meet your needs in basalt production. In order to learn more about our basalt quarries and more about other products, you can contact us or look at our web site.